Welcome to Dorne

Welcome back to the warm dunes of Dorne...

We invite you all to share a piece of bread and salt (or "Serranito"), and follow us on this path along with our favourite game.

December has been the chosen month again: the weekend of 9th and 10th of December, coinciding with some spanish bank days that could allow you staying longer in the city.

This year we will have some new activities, to show you some of the amazing Game of Thrones filming locations, like the Water Gardens of Sunspear, the castle of House Tyrell, Highgarden, or Kingslanding Dragonpit.

An event make with love, from fans to fans, and with the experience of having set up one of the biggest international tournaments: Batalla por el Muro.

Completing the GoT national tournaments tour, along with "Zaragoza Tournament", "Justa en Lanza del Sol" and the new ones "Brawl of Hollow Hill" and "Torre de la Espada Blanca", we jump into to make more people from different areas participate on the tour.

We have renew our website this year, so we hope you enjoy the change. We will keep you updated about all the new things that we are preparing, through this page and also the social networks. We have a lot of surprises!

Best regards:
The Dorne Staff