The Prizes

The best prize is watching you all enjoying our favourite game, and because of that, you will get a set of 8 faction cards with your registration in Dorne Tourney 2017.

The faction cards has been designed by the great illustrator Joshua Cairós.

You can check below the cards already spoiled:

If you want to watch more about his work, check his site

But this is not all that you will get on Dorne 2017, because you will also get an amazing playmat exclusively designed for this tourney.

                        Just for playing this tourney!!!

TOP 4 players will get a playmat designed by Kuki.

The winner of the Joust tourney will get

a paid voucher for "Batalla por el Mero 2018" tourney (Málaga) !!!!

For the Side event, we have some nice cups ready for you.

And many more surprises to come!!!