The Rules

We will have fun with 2 tourneys in Dorne 2017: Joust and a brand new Side Event.

The rules of the Joust Tourney are the following:

  • The Swiss and Top rounds number will depend on the number of players (More information coming soon).
  • The round will last 55 minutes.
  • Proxies are not allowed.
  • Only opaque sleeves are allowed.
  • Alternative art tokens and cards from other tourneys are allowed.
  • Pacts and ties are not allowed.
  • We will allow only cards releases 1 week before the tourney.
  • It is mandatory to have the deck list ready for the first day of the tourney.

Normal FFG rules and regulations apply.

This year we bring you a new Side Event format. It will be a team Joust tourney, based on each participant province/area. The best players from each province/area will represent their provinces. The rules are the following:

  • The number of players on the team are 4 people.
  • Each player on the team must have a different faction.
  • Each round, a player from one province will face another player from a different province. The winner will add some points to his province counter. The province with more points at the end of the rounds, WIN!
  • Rounds number will depends on the number of participants.
  • Same rules from the main Joust tourney will apply to the Side Event rounds.